About us

Our team is simply a bunch of people who got tired of having to remember everything and instead decided to build something so we wouldn’t have to remember everything. It started with us in mind, but expanded so we could help everyone, including people like you, whoever you are.

SocialNetworkGuides was founded after our team started thinking about the sudden rise in social networks. In 2006, the only big networks known to people were MySpace, Facebook, and maybe email. Now, we’ve got Twitter, Snapchat, Kik, Discord, Instagram, and so much more, on top of the older, still alive-and-kicking networks we know and love. These networks have different goals, different ways to manage, different features, and it can get hard to simply remember everything.

And that’s how SocialNetworkGuides was born

We thought to ourselves, ‘Enough is enough.’ We set out on building a site that could just house any and all guides for these networks in Layman terms so that everyone could understand them. We want to make the world of social media easily accessible for everyone, even if technology isn’t your strong-point. Social media should be easy, but things can get pretty complicated nowadays. And with the constantly growing number of social networks, you not only need to remember about all your other networks, but start to learn and remember everything about new ones.

With us, the only thing you need to remember is our website. Everything you need to know about social networks is always freely and readily available. That’s our promise. And again, with the constantly evolving and growing amount of social networks, we will always do our best to stay up-to-date, change articles as needed or add new ones. And that’s our promise to you.