How do I manage my Discord account?

Discord is a fantastic messenger with a ton of features, but it’s also well known for the level of profile customization you have. We’ll walk through some of the more common options for you.

Change your username

As we mentioned in our last article about signing up, you can change your username at will in Discord. To do this, the process is relatively simple. First, click the gear icon near the bottom of the page/window. Then, press the ‘Edit’ button next to ‘Account Settings.’ From there, you can change your username, email or password all in one place. You can also delete your account if you so choose to.

Change your profile photo

To change your avatar/profile picture, it’s just like the last step. Hit the gear at the bottom, click ‘Edit’ but this time, beside the fields, your avatar will show (it may be the default one.) Click that avatar, and you will have the option to select a picture on your computer to use as an avatar. You can pick anything you’d like within Discord terms of service, then crop it to fit the circle.

Change other sessings

Beside the Edit menu on your account, there are lots more options available. You can sort through them at your will whenever you have time, but here are some settings we find important or more commonly used.

  • Themes, light or dark (Appearance > Themes)
  • Language
  • Voice and Video Settings
  • Notifications
  • Privacy and Safety

These should get you well on your way to managing your Discord account like a pro. Now all that’s left to do is add your friends or create/join a server!


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