How do I add contacts on Discord?

Adding Friends should be super simple in chat apps, because that’s their entire purpose. Discord keeps it as simple as it can, but with some added features, it may be a bit different than other apps.

How do Discord usernames work?

For starters, Discord uses a Discriminator System. This means that anyone can choose whatever username they’d like, and you can have the same username as someone else. The accounts can be differentiated (ir in other words, discriminated) with a little number at the end called the Discriminator. Discord uses a four digit discriminator system, from 0000 to 9999. Check yours by looking at the bottom of the screen next to your username. There will be a smaller number next to your username, and that’s your discriminator. Discord usernames are always in a NAME#DISCRIM format, so for instance, your username will be in the name field, followed by the #, then the discriminator.

Add friends on Discord

To add a friend on Discord, you will need their username and discriminator. First, go to the Direct Messages section at the top left corner of the screen. Near the top, there will be a button to ‘Add Friend.’ Clock that, then put in the name and discriminator, in NAME#DISCRIM format. Discord will then send a request to add that account as a friend. Once you connect, you will be able to freely chat between each other.

To accept a friend request, go to the Direct Messages section like last time, then instead of pressing ‘Add Friend,’ hit ‘Pending.’ There may be a little notification icon next to it. Accept the request after confirming the username/discriminator of your friend. All done! Now get chatting!


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