How do I create a Kik Messenger account?

Download Kik Messenger

Creating a new Kik account is very simple as the app will walk you through it. But we’ve decided to give you some pointers for your first time signing up and setting up your profile.

Upon downloading and installing the app on your phone, open it. You will be greeted with a nice welcome screen. Tap on the Sign-up button. You will have a few fields to fill out. Let’s start with your name.

Create a new account

Your Kik name doesn’t have to be your real name. Actually, it’s just going to be used as your display name to other users. Pick whatever you like, whatever you’d like to be known as. You can change this at any time, so feel free to choose anything.

Next up is the username. This must be unique and cannot be changed at a later date or time. Try to pick something not too complicated so others can add you easily. The username is still publicly visible to other users, so keep this in mind.

For your password, you should pick something strong so it will be difficult to hack. Aim for something more than ten characters long, has symbols and numbers, as well as capital and lowercase letters. Avoid using full words, randomness makes a stronger password.

The email field must be a valid email, as you will likely need to activate your account sooner or later.

The birthday field can be anything, it’s not super important like other fields. The phone number field is also optional, and will only help you sync your contacts and find other users you may know.

Once you sign up, check your email for activation. Follow the instructions and get started on setting up your profile!

Setup your Kik Messenger profile

To begin setting up your profile, tap the settings button at the top of the screen. If you wish to change your display name, go to your Account info and change the display name field. If you wish to change your profile picture, go to the settings page again and tap on your profile picture. You will have the option to take a new picture or choose an existing one. You will be able to crop and save your image then.

Other options like your password, email, and phone number can also be changed from the Account info page. Your username cannot be changed, keep this in mind. Poke around different settings and you’ll quickly learn your way around.


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