How do I add friends on Kik Messenger?

Adding friends on Kik can be a bit difficult as it’s not quite the ideal platform to meet new people (unless you use other listing sites.) We’ll break it down for you so you learn it quicker.

There are two main ways to add a user to your contacts on Kik. First, we’ll cover how to search someone up by using their username.

Add by username

Display names are only how you appear to other users in chats, but they are not a unique identifier like usernames. To search for a specific user, you must know their username first. Then, tap on the + icon at the top of the screen and Find People. Type in the username you’d like to find, and once it appears select that user. You’ll be brought to their profile where you can add them to your contacts or send them a message.

You can also add people in group chats by selecting them and visiting their profile, but this can be difficult to do because first, you need to find group chats to add yourself to. There are websites dedicated to finding new friends or groups, so don’t be discouraged! You can still use the app to make new friendships as well using these sites.

Add by phone contact

The other option you have to add friends is to let Kik Messenger scan through your contacts and send out invites using your device. To do this, go back to your home screen, tap the + icon at the top, go to Find People and this time select the option to Find by Phone Contacts. Allow Kik to go through your contacts, and find any users you’d like to invite. When your friends join the app, Kik will notify you and allow you to add them.


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