How do I remove friends on Kik Messenger?

When you’re done chatting with a user, you can delete the chat. Keep in mind that the chat itself is not deleted from the other user’s phone, they will still be able to message you and read the chat. It will only be deleted from your chat history, but if the user messages you back you will see all the previous messages sent.

Remove a Kik conversation

To delete a chat, it will vary depending on your device. On iOS, all you need to do is swipe left on the chat you wish to delete and select the “Delete” option. On Android, instead of swiping you will need to press and hold the chat to bring up a list of options. Select the delete option and the chat will be deleted. Doing this on group chats will result in you leaving the group as well, meaning you will need to be added back.

Sometimes deleting a chat isn’t enough if someone is harassing you over the app. Deleting a chat can still let them message you and start over, so to stop people from messaging you, you have the ability to block them. This will stop them from viewing details on your profile such as profile picture, but will also stop them from messaging you.

Block a Kik user

To block someone on Kik, you must first go to their profile. Tap the ‘More’ button, then select the option to block the user. You will see a brief confirmation message and then the user will be blocked.

Blocking a user is still reversible. If you go to your settings, selecting the Privacy option will bring up a menu to select your Block list. From your block list, you can either block additional users or unblock users you have already blocked. Also, any messages you receive in group chats from blocked users will appear as **BLOCKED MESSAGE** so you never have to interact with that user again.


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