What are Kik Bots?

If you’ve been using Kik for a while, you may have seen the word ‘bots’ be thrown around quite a bit. Kik bots are simply chatbots which serve different functions in the Kik community. These bots can serve almost any purpose for entertainment, such as attempting to hold a conversation, advertising an upcoming movie or service, providing you with videos, GIFs or even giving you the weather!

Kik Messenger Bot Shop

To find bots to interact with, Kik has its own ‘Bot Shop’. To access this network of bots, go to your home screen and as if you were adding a new contact or friend, tap the + at the top of the screen. But instead of tapping on ‘Find people’, tap on the ‘Discover Bots’ option. You’ll be brought to the Kik Bot Shop and you will be able to choose any bot you’d like.

To search through the bot shop, you can either search for bots by name or sift through the list by category. Either way, discovering new bots with interesting functions is easy and won’t take you long to pick up. You can tap the bot to see their info page and see exactly what they’re all about.

To add a bot to your chat list, go to their info page and hit the “Chat” button. This will initiate the chat with the bot and you’ll be able to have all the fun you’d like with it.

New bots are added to the bot shop every day, so check back frequently so you don’t miss anything new and exciting!


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