How do I manage my Skype profile?

Once you set up your Skype profile with all the default options, it may look a bit bland. Luckily, Skype offers ways to customize your profile and add your own personal touches with statuses, avatars and display names! All this can be accessed through your Skype profile once you are logged in.

Accessing your profile info will be different on each device. On Android, you will need to tap the menu button at the top of the page, then ‘profile.’ On iOS, you will need to tap the ‘My Info’ tab, then ‘My Account’ and finally ‘Profile.’ On desktop clients, clicking on your avatar (or the default one) will take you to your profile.

Filling in the fields is entirely up to you. You can choose which fields to fill out and what they say. The birthday field will send a notification to all your contacts on the specified date saying that it’s your birthday so you can get lots of birthday wishes! The gender field isn’t too important. The Status field is a small bit of text that can appear on your profile or under your name on desktop clients when another user is chatting with you. Your display name can be changed at any time as well as your avatar, which is always nice to set so people can remember who you are by an image. Again, you can choose what you’d like, but make sure it follows Skype’s rules so it’s not offensive.

Managing your skype profile is simple once you get the hang of it. You may not need to update it very often if you’re only adding close friends or coworkers to talk to. But the customization options are always there if you ever decide to switch it up a little!


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