How do I add contacts on Skype?

Finding new contacts on skype can be a bit difficult for newcomers as there’s no option to simply ‘discover’ people. Instead, you can search for users in the skype directory by their username or email. We’ll outline the basics of finding people and making sure you add the right contact to get you well on your way to adding all your friends and coworkers.

Searching for contacts

There is a search bar in the contacts section for each version of Skype, regardless of platform. To add a new user, you’re going to want to search for the user you want to add then send them a message. Searching for a user is simple and has two methods. You can either search for a user using their username or email, as I mentioned. Remember that the username must be their actual username they signed up with, not their display name. Only the username is unique. The other option, searching by email, is the same process, just searching for the email the user used when they signed up.

When searching for a user, you might get multiple results. To make sure you choose the correct user, double check the username on the profile you wish to add. Also try asking the person you’d like to add about their avatar or profile picture so you can make sure you have the right profile. Asking them about any other profile fields will add more confirmations so you don’t send messages to random users or send out contact requests. There’s nothing wrong if you get the wrong profile, but it’s always good to make sure before you start messaging the person about anything personal.

Add a contact

To add the user to your contacts, tap or click on their profile and start chatting with them, or if there is an option, send them a contact request. It’s simple and only takes a second to be well on your way to calling or chatting with friends and family!


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