How do I remove contacts on Skype?

Remove a Skype contact

Let’s say you have had a user in your contacts for quite some time, and your contact list is slowly getting cluttered with people you don’t speak with any more. Assuming this person in question isn’t active on Skype anymore, or you don’t wish to talk to them anymore you can remove their profile from your contacts and delete the chat from your Skype.

To remove a contact, it varies from device to device. For a rule of thumb, open the user’s profile, and tap or click on any button that resembles ‘Delete contact’ ‘Remove Contact’ or ‘Delete chat.’ Also, you can navigate to your contacts, and if you’re in desktop, right click the contact and click on ‘Delete Conversation.’ Note that none of these options will delete the conversation from the user’s Skype, so it’s still visible to them and they can still message you back.

Block a Skype contact

If removing a contact or deleting a conversation isn’t enough, then you can block and report the user. Due to the nature of people being able to search for anyone on Skype, people can spam you and harass you over the platform. You can get around this by simply blocking the user from communicating with you.

To block a user, follow the same steps outlined above, but instead of clicking or tapping anything that says ‘Delete Contact’ or something along those lines, click or tap on the option to ‘Block Contact.’ This will also delete the conversation and give you an opportunity to report the user if they were violating the Skype terms of service by harassing you or any offensive content. We can’t eliminate trolls online, but we can make it more and more difficult to harass people online.

Blocking and deleting contacts are both reversible, because mistakes happen and you may misclick every now and then. Simply go back to the user’s profile and you can choose to chat with them again or unblock them, depending on what you tapped on or clicked. It’s another easy process, because mistakes can happen and misunderstandings can be worked out among friends.


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