What do the friend emojis mean?

After snapchatting with friends and other users, you’ll eventually notice that some friends have a little graphic next to their name. This is another feature Snapchat implemented to see who you interact with the most.

  • When you snapchat a specific user lots, they will have a little smile emoji next to their name. This means they are one of your Best Friends and you talk to them a lot more than other friends.

  • Snapchatting one of your best friends more than other best friends will grant a Golden Heart emoji. This means they are your Number One Best Friend. After two weeks of having a golden heart, it will change to a Red Heart, meaning they have been your best friend for a while. After two months, this will change to a Pink Heart Emoji, meaning you’ve been friends for a really long time!

  • A Grimace or Sunglasses emoji will mean that you and this user share a best friend. The difference is that the Grimace emoji only shows when the mutual friend is both of your number one best friends.

  • A Smirk emoji will mean that you are one of this user’s best friends, but they are not one of your best friends. You can be smug knowing this.

  • A Birthday cake means that it’s this user’s birthday, as the birthday they specified in their profile. Send them a message to make their day!

  • The last two emojis go hand in hand. A Fire emoji appears when you send a friend a snap every day for at least three days. There will also be a small number next to it indicating how many days in a row you’ve gone. This is called a snap streak. To maintain the snapstreak you must snap each other at least once every 24 hours. When the snapstreak is going to expire soon, a new emoji, the Hourglass, will also appear meaning you must send each other snaps in a short period of time to maintain the streak.


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