How do I send a snap to my friends?

Creating your first snap is pretty easy and you’ll pick it up quickly. All that’s involved is taking a picture or video, making any edits if you’d like and sending it off to whoever you choose, or simply adding it to your public story.

Using the camera

To start, go to the screen with the camera. Tapping the circle in the middle at the bottom will take a picture. Tapping the little camera or refresh icon will switch between your front-facing camera and the rear camera. Tapping the little lightning bolt will toggle through flash settings. To take a video, hold down the circle and it will turn red. Releasing the circle will stop recording the video and bring you to the next page.

Ajust the snap

On the next screen, you will see your image (or video) and you will have the opportunity to add any edits before sending off the snap. You can add drawings or captions (or other text,) scroll through filters and choose the duration of the snap. The little timer at the bottom of the screen will choose how long you’d like the image to be shown (this is disabled for videos, which will only be played once.) Next to the timer, there will be an option to save your picture or video to your saved snaps, another Snapchat feature. Once you are satisfied with your edits, tap the little arrow at the bottom right and you can choose who you’d like to send the snap to.

Select your Snapchat friends

This is the last screen. To select who sees the snap, tap the user you’d like to send it to. At the top of the screen, there will be an option to add it to your story as well as sending it to people. Your friends will be sorted alphabetically, but your best friends will also appear at the top. Take your time and choose whoever may be interested in your snap, or add it to your story so everyone can view it.


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