How do I signup on Telegram?

Telegram is a new messaging platform made with privacy and security in mind. While other messaging apps just send messages, Telegram encrypts all the data, uses its own proprietary technology and sends messages extremely quickly to make communicating with people as easy and fast as possible. The app took off with the whole new push for secure applications. You can rest assured that your messages are all sent safely and securely; it’s almost impossible for hackers to get ahold of anything.

To get started with Telegram, you must first download and open the App. You can do this on any computer or Android/iOS phone. Download the app, open it, and you’ll have the option to sign up. Another choice is going to and following the instructions there

The sign-up process is relatively straight-forward. It involves adding your phone number as a unique identifier. Don’t worry! Not everyone can see your number publicly. This is only here to prevent random bots from getting online, and stopping people from having multiple accounts. You will also be asked to provide a username, email and password. Add all those things, then you should be all set to use Telegram for all your chats!


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