How do I manage my Telegram account?

Managing your Telegram account is also rather simple, with not too many options to cover. Mainly, you will be able to change your phone number, avatar and password. For the sake of simplicity, we will only cover the desktop application process. For mobile devices or other platforms, the process will be very similar, but buttons may appear in different places.

  • To start, click or tap the three horizontal lines at the top of the screen. Then, click/tap the ‘Settings’ option. There will be a number of settings for the Telegram app, from notifications to regular app settings, or profile settings to privacy settings.

  • To change account options such as username, phone number or password, the options will be on the main setting page. Any of these things you can change will have a small ‘Change’ button next to them. Click that and change that field.

  • To change the avatar, on the setting page there will be an option to either Add or Change Profile photo. Click that and choose a photo from your computer. You can choose whatever you’d like. You can also change this as many times as you’d like, so go wild with the possibilities!

Telegram has a lot of settings, so play around with them, see what works for you. Everyone has different tastes, and will like different settings. Maybe you don’t want as many notifications, so you can adjust that, or maybe you like to know when every single person sends a message, so you can turn that on as well. Your possibilities are endless, as well as changing the theme for Telegram. We personally are not a huge fan of light themes as it’s a bit more difficult on the eyes, so the dark theme is a blessing. Poke around, find what you like and set it!


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