How do I create a group chat on Telegram?

Telegram also has an attractice feature that allows you to create massive group chats, or channels, or smaller group chats with friends. People can be freely added to channels, whereas group chats are closed off privately. Telegram also keeps this process straight-forward by starting everything from the three horizontal line menu.

So to start, click or tap the three horizontal line menu, and from there you will have two options, a new group or a new channel. For the sake of keeping things easy, use groups for smaller groups of close friends, or channels for larger groups that anyone can join freely.

To get started, choose either one of these options, depending on what you want to do, and follow the process. The process will usually cover things like group name, but the difference lies in that a channel can have a description whereas a simple group cannot. The group option then requires that you add contacts to the group. The channel option lets you choose whether anyone can join the group, or only people with the link. We usually like using a private system and spread the link publicly. For channels, you can create a custom URL that starts with so you can easily tell that it’s for Telegram.

From here on in, you can invite new people, as a group owner you can remove people. You can use all basic chat functions, such as sending texts, pictures, or voice chats. It’s a pretty simple app, but the power lies in how safe it is, from the encryption or just general security features.


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