How do I manage my WeChat account?

As WeChat is a rather barebones application, the amount of customization is limited, but that doesn’t make a bad app. All there really is to changing WeChat profile settings is the Username, Avatar, Status, Gender and Region. Simple fields, you can choose whatever for them. For mobile phones, go to the ‘Me’ or ‘Profile’ page and you’ll see the options.

  • For setting your ID/username, keep in mind this cannot be changed later, so choose wisely. This is a unique identifier, so you cannot choose something the same as someone else.

  • For the status, the field is called ‘What’s Up.’ You can choose your mood if you’d like, or a small blurb on what’s going on in your life. Change this at will, let people know who you are or what you do!

  • For Gender and Region, you can choose whatever. It doesn’t have to be true, especially if you care about privacy online. Pick whatever you like, you can change these both whenever you’d like.

  • Your avatar can be any photo or picture you have saved on your phone or desktop, depending which platform you use. Pick whichever picture you’d like to represent you in chats with people or in groups.

This is all that you really need to know with managing WeChat. It’s a small app with not too many features, but it does what it does best.


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