How do I create a group chat on WeChat?

WeChat also offers the opportunity to create group chats with all your friends. To get started with group chats, you must start in the WeChat tab at the bottom of the screen.

Creating a group chat is a simple as starting a new chat with a contact. First, tap or click the plus sign in the top of the screen, then select users you’d like to add in the group chat. You can choose as many people as you’d like, there’s no limit. That’s all there is to starting a chat, and you will have some options in the chat to modify, such as the group image and title.

You can add new users to the chat after creating it by either inviting them directly, or finding the group QR code, and sending it to users. The QR code can be used from the Discover tab, selecting ‘QR Code’ and scanning the code to get invited to the chat.

There are some more features to WeChat Group Chats, such as adding aliases or nicknames to users in the chat We recommend poking through the settings yourself to see all there is to do, so you can manage your chats effectively.


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