How do I call someone on Discord?

Because of Discord’s dominance over the chatting community, they’ve decided to expand into the more real-time market of calling. With only a few quick steps, you can talk to people live, just like you would on the telephone, except better because you can call multiple people at the same time and all communicate together.

You can call someone on Discord with two different features. First, are you trying to just call a single friend, or are you tryint to call people on a server?

Calling a friend (one person)

Calling a friend on Discord is extremely simple. First, make sure you have already added your friend to your Friend’s list, as explained in this article. Next, go to your Friends list, find your friend and click the Phone icon next to their name. This begin calling them. Remember, they might not pick up if they’re caught unexpectedly, so it’s good practice to message/text them first to make sure they’re not busy.

So, in short:

  • Let your friend know you’re calling them (Optional)
  • Go to your friends list
  • Hover over your friend’s username
  • Click the Phone icon.

Calling people on a server (multiple People)

This one is a little bit more complicated than just calling a friend.

First, go to the server with people you would like to call. Then, see if there are any Voice Channels available for you to use. If you find one, tell your friends to join it. You will hear a notification telling you that Voice is Connected, and that means you can begin talking to anyone else in the Voice Channel.

If there are no voice channels or if they are all in use, create a server as seen here and from there, create a Voice Channel. To add the people from the other server, simply send them the server’s Invite Link and get them to join the Voice Channel. Once you join, you will hear the notification that Voice is Connected, meaning you can begin talking to anyone else in the channel.

So, once more:

  • Find the people you would like to talk to
  • Find or create a Voice Channel
  • Let the people know that you would like to talk
  • Wait for the indicator and begin talking when people join.


There are generally two things that tend to go wrong when calling: your microphone doesn’t work or the other person’s microphone doesn’t work. Luckily, you can mame sure yours works and you can help the other person figure out their issues.

The most common problem is having your microphone muted. To fix this, simply look at the bottom left corner of the window, right beside your username, and see if the microphone icon has a red line through it. If it does, then click that and your microphone will unmute.

If your microphone is not muted, you must start to play with Discord Settings. Open up settings with the little Gear icon next to your name, scroll down the left-side menu to Voice and Video. Check that the Input Device detects your microphone and the levels are working. Also, check if Push-to-talk is enabled. Push-to-talk is a great feature, but it is much easier to use the Voice Activity setting.


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